Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Requiem for the Puppet Master - Kindle Version

Requiem for the Puppet Master is now online at Amazon.  The marketing program is gradually gaining steam and it is time to settle into my regular writing routine see what sort of trouble Grady gets into the second of this series.  No doubt that Grady and Peg will return. It is also likely that we will see more of Sven.

Can video machines really be used to program a 13 year-old boy to kill?  Can a rogue agent for the National Security Agency avenge his expulsion from the agency by programming the kid to eliminate his rivals still in the agency?  And is the programming strong enough to make the boy kill the agent's last living rival, who just happens to be the boy's father, the father he hates.

Grady Harrison, after the tragic loss of his wife and only daughter, has simplified his life, quit his psychology practice and moved onto his old wooden Chris Craft cruiser.  When the boy’s redheaded mom shows up on his boat, it’s not the far-fetched sounding tale of programming and murders that hooks Grady it’s the boy’s mom, Peg, the redhead.

He takes the bait and away we go.  What starts as a simple request for help with a disturbed teenager morphs into a full-fledged battle against a ruthless and powerful NSA rogue agent. It’s a battle to rescue and reclaim the boy, Brian.

It’s a battle to save Brian’s father.  It’s an opportunity for Grady and Peg to find strengths they never knew they had.